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Integral development encompasses a host of policies that work in tandem to foster sustainable development with inclusive growth. Sustainable development as a guiding concept integrates the needs of the world's population with the limits of the ecosphere, given current states of technology and social organization, to satisfy present and future demands.

To a vast majority of us, environment is a word that just means the quality of the air, water and soil around us. In other words, we orient our views on environment, with the five elements of nature, i.e. the “Pancha Bhuthas” (air, water, land, fire and space) comprising the macro environment.

the quality of our day-to-day life and activities, including health, wealth, happiness and personal progress are directly impacted by our immediate surroundings, which wemay call as the micro environment which can further be categorized as internal and external environment. Internal environment relates to the physical and psychological health of an individual.

Psychological aspect includes the intellectual potential and spiritual environment. All the above factors are important determinants of the quality of-life of every human being born on this earth.