The Vice Chancellors' Conference on Integrating Ethics & Values in Higher Education
September 29, 2014


A state level Vice-Chancellors' Conference on integrating Ethics & Values in higher education was held on September 29, 2014 at Pacific University, Udaipur. This state level conference was being held in pursuance of the consensus statement of the National Vice-Chancellors' Conference which was held on November 16-17, 2013 at New Delhi.

This conference was an initiative in continuation of the worldwide celebrations to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Vice-Chancellors and Educationists from more than 25 universities of state universities have gathered to deliberate & discuss on the issue of integrating ethics & values in higher education in the presence of Shri Kali Charanji Saraf, Honorable Education Minister of state Rajasthan.

Shri Kali Charan Ji Saraf, stated that there is no place of feeling for the nation in our students, younger generation is only focusing on their families and students sometimes ignore their duties towards the society and the nation. Students need to be taught our nation's culture and history. All the suggestions made by this conference shall be taken care of, by the government. He called upon to constitute a committee of Vice Chancellors to evolve the ways to integrate values and ethics in higher education.

Shri Anirudh ji Deshpandey, the Secretary, National Vice-Chancellors' Conference in his key note address suggested that value based education is the need of hour. He said that value based education is not only needed at primary education level but it is also very important for the younger generation studying in higher education. He appreciated the support and belief coming from Vice-Chancellors (122 universities), which is really a matter of great joy to all of us. Mr. Deshpandey also showed his concern towards declining conditions of women & increasing illiteracy in the country. Mr. Deshpandey said that contribution of teachers into social development is very important & younger generation needed to show perfect direction so that they can think of basic human values rather than only thinking for money and job. Mr. Deshpandey asked delegates (VCs) to inculcate extracurricular activities in educational system for the development of leadership, arranging training programmes for faculties, integration of value based syllabus.

In his initial remark Prof. B.P. Sharma also emphasized on integration of basic values in education. Prof. Sharma also asked delegates on the need of developing & revising syllabus of various streams in higher education & how an effective planning in this regard can be made so that human values can be integrated with the education at all levels and he also said that this is the only way by which students can make progress in life. He also focused on the need of well behaviour of students & said behavior and character should be given a very high importance.

The delegates shared their views about the importance of value based education and the need of focused approach. It is also discussed that Value based education should be an integral and strong part of all syllabus and all the institutes must adhere with the guidelines given by UGC . Separate training programmes to be devised for the elected student representative on the ethics and values should be conducted to divert energy of students towards betterment of the society. Institution building programme should be framed in each university for promotion of value education.

The conference was concluded with a remark to integrate the endeavors of the academic fraternity from higher education, to help in evolving a cohesive movement for inculcating ethics and values in every graduate.

It was resolved unanimously that a 5 member committee of the Vice Chancellors be constituted with its secretariat at the Pacific university and Prof. B.P. Sharma should coordinate this endeavor to integrate values & ethics on higher education. The committee shall work on year round basis which such meetings at regular intervals Efforts be make find out the reasons why ethical values and ethics are declining, materialistic consideration and designations may be the reasons. Detailed schedule for giving value based education should be prepared, submitted to the government as per training of teachers on development pedagogical approaches, creation of literature, slide shows etc.

Complete Introspection of education system is required. Focus on student’s attendance and quality of education is need of the hour. Some programme to elect and student leaders be also planned and implemented. All the programmes and suggestions should be reached to the government and they should be recognized by the state government.