National Seminar on Education for Enhancing Ethics & Excellence
11-12 January, 2015


Pacific Institute of Management organized and facilitated a National seminar on “Education for Enhancing ethics & Excellence(NSEEEE-2015) on 11 & 12 January, 2015. The seminar was designed to inculcate and ingrain ethics and values in the human conduct with special focus on students.

Pacific university has tried to explore ways of integrating ethical education and to give value based education. In this two day seminar participants exchanged ideas with the aim of exploring the possibilities of establishing new & innovative techniques of education to teach ethics & values.

The presentations of the seminar was divided into five technical tracks – integrating ethics & values in education, Indian ethics in management and overall excellence, education for excellence, integrating values for fostering a culture for self righteous conduct and experiments of Implementation of Ethics and Values.

The conference discussed the issues like-
  • Role of education in inculcating values and ethics
  • Ethical values to promote leadership
  • Ethical decision making
  • Secular values and rationality
  • Spiritualism and management
  • Ethics in social welfare and social security