The participants can submit their abstract and full length paper as per below format at mail id

Paper length Full paper: within 12 pages, including Abstract, references, tables/ charts and Keywords
Abstract length 200-250 words
Key words 5-7 words
Font Times New Roman
Font Size Running Text 12-point, Title 16 Bold, Headings 14 Bold, Sub-heading 12 Bold
Paragraph Double-spaced
Line 1.5 Spacing
Margin Normal All Sides : 1 inch
Format MS Word-compatible file
References APA Format
Layout Justified
The title page should contain name of author(s), designation and email id.
Number of authors in a paper should not exceed 4.


Poster presentation is one of the ways to discuss research with interested parties. The audience at a conference moves through the poster displays to inquire and learn about the information presented on the poster. Therefore, we invite poster describing your research work in the area of Business Economy and Society to address the conference theme. The poster should  include the most important information from your research. Following guidelines should be considered for poster presentation :

  1. Size: Posters can be no larger than 3 X 4 feet.
  2. Content:
    • a. Title : Use large text for the title in top center ( Do not use all capital letters in the title)
    • b. Abstract: Maximum 100 words
    • c. Objective: 2-4 only
    • d. Research Methodology including Sampling : tabular format
    • e. Data Analysis: Use graphics, pictures, tables, and figures to illustrate
    • f. Conclusion & Suggestions: Maximum 150 words
    • g. Author Details: Name, Institute & email id.


Participants who are unable to attend the conference can send their 5 minutes video presentation at

Videos can be shot using any device capable of recording standard or high-definition video: a high-quality webcam on your computer, a hand-held video camera, or a hand-held device such as mobile, tab or pad whichever device you have but it must be clear and properly audible.

The video must be continuous one single file only and all candidates should take up the majority of the center of the screen. All submissions should be created or edited such that no excess background noise, background movement, blank space etc. should be there.

Videos with a 16:9 aspect ratio will look the best. Most 4:3 resolutions are also supported.

Video can be shot in any format but it must be converted to either MP4 or M4V format before submission to the Conference's Presentation.

By virtue of submitting a video to us (PAHER University) for presentation, it is understood that the video submitter agrees to the Copyright and Submission Guidelines and he/she has no objection in using the video for further use.

Participants must mail the Full length Paper along with the Video.