We invite you to send your original contribution on any topic related to the conference theme. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to :

Digital Transformation & Business Strategies

Marketing, Finance, Human Resource | Digital Banking, Insurance, Health Services, Tourism, Retail, Transportation, Energy, Agriculture, Manufacturing | Telecommunication, Logistics, Business Process Outsourcing | International Business | Information Technology. For More details Click Here....

Digital Economy & Infrastructure

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development | Start-ups and Business Innovation | Global Business Transformation | Econometrics, Ecological Footprints and Eco-spaces | E-commerce, Internet of Things | Robotics, Automation, Cloud Computing | Artificial Intelligence | Economic Policies and Regulatory Framework | Technology Upgradation | Intellectual Property Rights | Big Data, Business Analytics.

Digital Society & Future Outlook

Cultural Transformation | Digital Awareness and Literacy | Rural Development | Legal Issues, Society and Ethics | Corporate Social Responsibility |Digital Enterprises and Talent Management | Digital Age, Social Media & Empowerment of Citizens | Digital India & Global Competitiveness | Cyber Security | Digital Education.